There are a lot of developers that do a very good job at the actual programming work needed for an application to do its job.  But what makes us unique are our user interface designs and how we go about designing them before we do any coding.
As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words".  If a new application is visual prototyped before any programming begins, you get a very good feel for the details of how it will all work ... at a detailed level that is not obvious when simply reading a business requirements document.
The time spent visually prototyping ends up to be far less than the time spent on recoding.  And it has a number of other benefits like:
The user interface is designed by a professional designer, not by a programmer whose main focus is on writing the complex and detailed code to make it all work.  It’s a different mindset.
The overall organization of the application can be improved.
The application can be made more intuitive and easier to navigate. This improves user acceptance, saves time in learning how to use the application, and improves the overall user experience.
It solves the business requirements more effectively.
Our design strategy starts with the creation of visual prototypes that we create in detailed image form.  This helps us really think through the overall design and find ways to simplify and compact it.  And it gives us a chance to review these designs with you early in the game.  Your feedback is then absorbed to further improve the design and add even more detail.  Once we are all in agreement, programming starts.
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