Working Together to Make an Impact
If your clients need help improving their operations through technology, we may be able to work together as a team to make an impact.  We specialize in creating custom, database-driven web applications that help organizations:
Improve productivity
Collaborate more effectively.
Enhance their customer service operations.
And a host of other objectives that positively impact their bottom lines.
In some cases, companies can achieve their goals by simply implementing ezCollaborator.  In other cases, we can use ezCollaborator as a core component and build a more encompassing solution around it.  And in some cases, we can build an entirely new solution.
We start by first spending time to fully understand what is really needed and why.  Our next step is to do visual prototyping with screenshots to show exactly how the application will look and work.  This is an important step that is skipped by most developers.  We then review these designs with the client and ask for feedback.  After we refine our designs, we then commence programming.
We feel that our "design it right first" strategy sets us apart from most developers.  These designs can be done fairly quickly.  And they expose the ultimate users to a far more detailed design level than simply reading a business requirements list.  As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words".
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