What Is ezCollaborator?
ezCollaborator is a web-based application that allows your employees and customers to submit work requests and then easily manage them in a collaborative environment.
What’s unique about our approach is our focus on tasks.  In most businesses, employees spend the majority of their time on tasks.  Yes, a lot of time is spent on meetings and projects, but tasks take up a big chunk of time each day.  The problem with all of these tasks is in keeping track of them all, especially those that bounce around from person to person.
We make task management easy.  We’re especially good at managing the kinds of tasks where multiple people are involved in getting the job done.  Your employees and customers will love how we keep an automatic audit trail of when tasks are escalated from person to person, when comments are added, when documents are uploaded, and when anyone changes data fields on any tasks.  We feel that each task has a life of its own, and it’s our job to keep a running history of each task life.
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