We strongly believe that training is an integral part of what we provide to you.  We don’t just sell software.  We are a full service shop.  We feel that our job is not done until your people are using ezCollaborator on a daily basis and are making full use of what this application has to offer.
If you are in the DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) area, we would typically do training at your location.  If you are outside the DFW area, we typically do training remotely via WebEx.  This training is free as part of our service to you.  If you are outside the DFW area but want in-house training, we can come out to your location but there would be additional fee to do so.
We customize our training to suit your needs.  For small groups, we typically do all the training in one session.  For larger groups, we can break your people up into groups, typically by user type (for example, managers, administrators & power users, and general users).  Another option is for us to "train the trainers", who then do much of the training within your organization.
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