Your Customers Will Love It
From your customers' perspective, just about the last thing you want is to make them feel like they are being ignored.  If they call you about a problem and you promise to get back to them but you never do, they feel ignored.  If you agree within a conference call to do something but never follow up with them, they feel ignored.  If they send you an email work request and you forward it to a colleague for action but it then goes nowhere, they feel ignored.
ezCollaborator is designed to eliminate these problems.  It will not replace the ability for your customers to pick up the phone and call you with a question or a problem.  But if there is to be any follow-up work after the call, you can create a work request to be sure your customer’s request will not be ignored.  And if you open up this application to your customers where they can track the status of all their work requests, they’ll love to work with you even more.
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