1Collaboration and Teamwork
When people work as a team, ideas flow more readily and you get a better picture of what you are really trying to accomplish.  ezCollaborator empowers your employees and your customers to work together more naturally.
2Get Things Done and On Time
With ezCollaborator you can manage a vast array of tasks in a centralized system.  You assign responsibilities, priorities, and due dates to each assignment.  Operating from a collaborative task list ensures that important tasks are documented and completed on time.
3Reduce Things Slipping Through the Cracks
Avoid "dropping the ball" (which is a common problem when using emails for task management).  Tasks are not removed from your active task list unless they are either completed or deliberately placed on hold.  And when people leave your company, you can easily review and reassign their unfinished tasks so their commitments can smoothly proceed as planned.
Assigning each task to one and only one person promotes accountability.  Employees and their management transparently know more precisely what is expected of them.
5Improve Productivity
When everyone is working from an organized and prioritized "To Do List", productivity soars.  With all the details, history and related documents in a single place, people are clear on exactly what is to be done, by whom and by when.
6You Are In Control
When all of your company’s workload is in a central location and you can easily track and manage these assignments, you gain control over your company’s activities and commitments.
7Your Customers Will Love It
Your customers will love the ability to work closely with your staff in a collaborative, team environment.  They’ll especially like to see the status, details, and history of all open requests in an organized format rather trying to make sense out of seemingly random emails.
8Billable Fees
As customers ask you to do various tasks, you can bill for your time as each task moves from person to person within your organization.  This can become a new profit center ... often for the work you are already doing.  You can be paid for more of the "little things" you do for your customers.
9Increase Net Profits
You can improve your bottom line in several ways: increased productivity, more billable fees, and improved customer retention.
10Position Your Company for Growth
One of the big barriers to sustained corporate growth is that things get more chaotic as your company grows.  But taking control over your workload and strengthening your B2B relations nourish long-term growth.
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