The Problem with Email
Businesses commonly use email as their primary method of assigning and tracking tasks.  In some cases, spreadsheets are also used to track the important tasks, especially those related to customer obligations.
However, this doesn’t work well when there are a lot of assignments and people involved.  Things simply get too complex.
Due dates are missed, tasks "slip through the cracks", work is difficult to prioritize, and some employees will spend valuable time working on lower priority tasks.
The problem is that thousands of tasks get trapped and spread across all their employee email boxes.
ezCollaborator was designed to eliminate these limitations.  With ezCollaborator, tasks are clearly listed, documented, shared, prioritized, assigned, routed, and tracked. Users are empowered to work as a team.
Since the entire organization works from a collaborative task list, the entire organization becomes more productive.  And since each task is clearly assigned to one and only one person, accountability improves.
With ezCollaborator you can also share this collaborative effort with your customers.  Your team can, in effect, be extended to include your customers. Your customers can collaborate directly with your employees to ensure that you are giving them exactly what they need.  Your customers will love it.
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