If you decide to use our SAAS (Software As A Service) program rather than purchase an ezCollaborator license, we’ll handle the hosting, upgrades and maintenance on our server.  This eliminates the need for you to install and maintain the software and database.  With SAAS, your initial costs will be lower, and you will be up and running quickly.
If you later decide that you want to own an ezCollaborator license and run it at your location, we can do a "conversion" for you.  We’ll work with your IT team to move your software and database over to your location.  And we’ll credit a portion of your lease payments towards your purchase.
Upgrades and Technical Support
Enhancements are free and automatic with SAAS.  Each time we apply an upgrade, we will send you release notes so that you are kept up-to-date on all improvements we make.  These upgrades will be applied during off hours and you will be notified ahead of time.
Technical support is also free with SAAS.  As you might expect, we use ezCollaborator in-house to handle your support requests.  This gives you a running track record of any issues you might have over time.  We also encourage you to submit ideas here for future enhancements.  But if you need more personal or immediate attention, just give us a call.
If you buy an ezCollaborator license, upgrades and technical support will be free to you in the first year.  After the first year, you can purchase an annual maintenance agreement that covers continued upgrades and technical support.
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