It Saves Your Customers Time
When you use this application to collaboratively expose progress on your work requests with yours customers, their productivity improves because of the time they’ll save.  For instance:
Since all open requests are listed online and each is fully documented in real time, your customers don’t need to waste time keeping this information organized (for instance using spreadsheets).
Collaboration between you and your customers improves.  The back and forth "conversations" on individual tasks are recorded within the event logs of each task.  Miscommunications and errors are reduced.  They get what they want ... but with less effort and confusion on their part.
For each customer, all their users see the same real time information for all work they’ve requested you to do.  So communication improves within their organization.
When they have periodic conference calls with you on the progress of the work they’ve sent you, the progress information is already at their fingertips.  So their calls tend to focus less on the status of existing work and more on the new business they’ll be sending your way.
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