A Sample Scenario
Let’s pretend for the moment that you are my boss.  When you ask me to do some work, you may typically send me an email describing what you would like done.
Then I do my portion of the work and send an email to Bill to do the next step in the process.  Bill then does his piece and sends it on to Janet for further work, again using email.
The problem is that at the end of the week or month, you may have no idea of where this work is.  And when our company get thousands of these tasks going throughout the year (not just coming from you but from everyone else, including our customers), it can all become very chaotic.  Things are just moving too fast to keep track of it all using email.  Tasks are hard to track, time is wasted, things fall through the cracks, and for some tasks, there might be a general lack of accountability.
ezCollaborator corrects these issues by consolidating these tasks into an organized system that provides transparency, promotes teamwork, and improves overall productivity.
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