Reduce Number of Meetings
There will always be a need for meetings. But there are a number of ways ezCollaborator can reduce your time spent in meetings.  For instance:
If you have information at your fingertips, there’s less need to meet with your team to catch up on progress details.  And when you do meet, you can focus more energy on proactive efforts than just progress updates.
When a subordinate needs an approval or guidance on a specific task, he or she can document this within the task and escalate it to you for your feedback.  You handle these requests when the time is convenient to you rather than having people popping into your office so often for questions.
You save time preparing for conference calls with clients.  There’s less need for a "meeting before the meeting" since all the details on your customer requests can simply be reviewed online.  This information could be made available online for your customers to see too.  Then in the conference call, the focus tends to be on prioritization of existing commitments and on future projects (instead of spending most of your time on progress updates).
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