Process Studies
Because of our mechanical engineering background, we have a special interest in understanding how things work.  In particular, we’re interested in how business processes work and how we can improve them.
We can help analyze specific business processes within your company to identify opportunities for improvement through technology.  Our specialty is in improving workflow and collaboration ... typically to improve productivity, speed, and/or quality.  Combining our understanding of business operations, human behavior and web technologies, we can design and build custom web solutions that have real impact.
In some cases, simply making organizational changes or policy changes are what’s really needed, not new technologies.  You simply need to change the way you operate your business.  The trick is to really understand what’s happening within your company at a granular level so you have information to make good decisions.  One way to obtain this information is to use ezCollaborator for your task management.  You can then carefully examine the task event logs to see how work is really floating around throughout your organization.  You might then observe bottlenecks, unnecessary process steps, or excessive rework.  These can then be corrected through organizational or policy changes.  ezCollaborator can be a great tool not just to directly improve collaboration and productivity, but also as a tool to monitor how work is really being done so you know how to best manage change.
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