Organize Your Project Load
Products like Microsoft Project are great for complex projects that need detailed planning and control.  But we typically end up using these project management tools only for our high-profile, high-impact projects.  There are reasons for this.  Typically:
Most "projects" are too small to warrant the complexities of using such a tool.  For instance, you might not want to use such a tool to create a company newsletter, to do a modest upgrade to your company website, or to ramp up for a local tradeshow.
Projects are often not done just by project managers.  Operational managers, customer service managers and sales managers have projects too.  If users are not comfortable with the complexities of these tools, they are less likely to use them.
Companies typically buy stand-alone versions of these tools.  In these cases, they are not collaborative in nature.  Only they see and interact with the information.  And since all changes need to be done by that person, things quickly get out of date because of all the daily changes that take place.
To make these tools more interactive, you can go out and buy server versions and then buy individual licenses for all of your users.  But this can be expensive, sometimes very expensive, especially when you consider the learning curve for everyone to figure out how to use it.
This is not meant to downplay the value of these products.  They are powerful tools.  And in the right situations, they are essential to your success as a project manager.
By contrast, ezCollaborator is a great place to organize all company projects, not just those that are very complex.  Projects can be shared with your employees in a collaborative environment.  And if your do use a tool like Microsoft Project for your complex projects, you can use ezCollaborator to help execute these projects across your organization.
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