Create a New Profit Center with Billable Fees
# Employees:    (ex. - 15)  
Hourly Billing Rate ($):    (ex. - 75)  
 Daily Billable Hours:    (ex. - 1)  
 (hours per person per day)   
Try out our billable fees estimator to see the potential revenue impact you might achieve.  Note that the "Daily Billable Hours" are the average number of hours the stated number of employees might bill out.

For example, if you have 100 employees but only 15 of them are likely to do billable work, each doing 1 billable hour per day at $75/hour, then enter 15, 75 and 1 below.

As your team works on business partner (customer) tasks, they can bill for their efforts.  While this might not replace your existing billing strategies for your mainstream products and services, it can augment them by providing a mechanism to capture those seemingly random work requests that are hard to track and even harder to bill out.  In this case, ezCollaborator can increase revenues and act as a new profit center.
Bill for all the "little things" you
do but where these fees are
currently hard to track and
therefore hard to bill out.
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