Once your application is up and running, the first step is training.  This shows your team how the application works, how they can organize their workload, and how improved collaboration will benefit everyone.  But it also has the benefit of sending a clear message to your organization that you are launching this new initiative.
People are naturally resistant to change.  This is to be expected.  They think, "Why should we change what’s already working?"  What you’ll need is some managerial momentum to kick-start things and overcome this natural resistance. Here are some ideas you might find useful:
Make full use of our training.  This gets the word out and we’ll have the opportunity to gently show them how they will benefit.  This also gives us the opportunity to show them some of the cool features they’ll enjoy using.
You can "sell" the benefits to your key stakeholders, those who will benefit the most by using this application.  These people might be your operational managers, project managers, team leads and your customer service group, for instance.  If structured properly, much of the "selling" can occur within the initial training itself.
Show strong managerial support for this initiative.  A simple way to do this would be for you, as a manger, to quickly give out 20-30 assignments through this application. Your team will then be nudged into using this application.  This is a simple way to lead by example.
As you might expect, we use the ezCollaborator application to manage our own customer support and internal operations.  Once you are up and running, you may have questions or issues along the way.  Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.  If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone and will take more work on our part, we’ll open a work request on your behalf.  Or if you prefer, you’ll be able to log into our support site and open the work request yourself.  Having your work request on record will allow you to follow up on progress along the way.
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