Install vs. SAAS (Software As A Service)
You have a choice.  You can purchase an ezCollaborator license and install it at your location ... or you can sign up for our SAAS (Software As A Service) program where we handle much of the details for you.  With the SAAS option, we host the application and provide the necessary equipment and software.
SAAS Advantages:
Setup is quick and easy.  We handle this for you.
You have nothing to install at your location.  All you need is a browser and access to the internet.
We handle the installation of upcoming upgrades.
Your initial investment is lower
License Advantages:
You can store your data on your own private network.
Once purchased, your annual fees (for maintenance and upgrades) will be lower than the SAAS option.
There is another option to consider.  You can start with the SAAS option and later convert to the license option.  This is a great way to test drive the application, build up user momentum and then bring the application in-house.  Once you are profiting from the benefits of using this application, you can use some of these "profits" to purchase a license.  Any unused portion of an existing SAAS term will be credited toward the purchase, and we’ll also credit a modest portion of your cumulative SAAS investments toward your purchase.
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