Full Life Cycle Development
We carry our projects through the full life cycle of product development.  Through our business analysis and scope development phases, we lay the foundation for what is to be built.  Through our design phases, we crystallize what specifically will be built.  Through our development, testing and implementation phases, we deliver a quality product and help you get up and running.  And through our support efforts, we ensure the future success of your solution.
In a sense, we "play all the instruments":
Business analysis – to determine and document what’s really needed and why.
Scope development – to clarify what is to be built and why.
Visual interface design – to design what the web application will look like, in detail.
Application design – to document how the application will be built.
Application development – to build the application according to the design.
Testing – to ensure that the application works as planned.
Implementation – to install the application and ramp up its use.
Support – to handle questions, resolve issues, and develop future enhancements.
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