Add-In Modules
If you decide to implement ezCollaborator to improve your operations but you have additional business challenges to be addressed as well, it might make sense to have us develop these as add-in modules that fit inside ezCollaborator.
You might ask, "Why would I want to do this?"  This is a very good question.  It doesn’t always make sense to do this, but here are few examples of when this might make sense:
Your custom work may be somewhat related to the functionality and data held in the core ezCollaborator program.  For instance, if you are a commercial construction firm and want custom work for cost estimating, hours tracking and real time tracking of profit-losses per job, it might make sense to develop these as add-in modules that interlace with your ezCollaborator projects and tasks.
You may want to disseminate other information to your customers (for example documents, billing information, or order processing information) ... pulling this information from your existing databases.  Embedding these solutions into a common application allows your customers to go to a single website and enter just one login to have access to "everything".  All customer collaboration can be done in one place.
In a sense, ezCollaborator can act as a centerpiece for many of your business operations, acting as a portal to several of your operations and consolidating user focus into a central location.
The way this application is laid out, we can add sidebar structures that allow us to plug in additional modules.  And we can modify our user role rules to allow you to control who has access to these new modules, including individual customers if you like.
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